8 Flowers Chanukah Menorah
8 Flowers Chanukah Menorah detail copy

8 Flowers Chanukah Menorah



Product Description

This Brass and art Chanukiah (Chanukah Menorah) was created as an original painting. The art was printed onto two sides of a vinyl type material and sandwiched between a polished brass base and top. The candle cups are hand drilled brass as well.

The original painted design is of 8 different flowers: poppy, tulip, lily of the valley, zinnia, daisy, lantana, iris, and rose, in 8 separate panels for the 8 days of Chanukah.

The piece is 11 1/8″ wide X 6 1/2″ high X 2″ deep.

Additional Information

Weight 3.75 lbs