About the Artist

Julie-Staller-PentelnikJulie Staller-Pentelnik believes that Judaic Art should be both meaningful and dynamic; enhancing Jewish life, traditions and life cycle events – preserving Judaism’s rich heritage for the future.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies, College of Art and Design. While there, she worked with her Calligraphy instructor to teach herself Hebrew calligraphy. From there her interest in Judaic Art blossomed.

Judaic-Artist-Julie-Staller-PentelnikWhile working in various commercial studios, Julie began creating Judaic themed pieces on the side and her passion for Judaic art grew. Her first official Judaic piece was her own Ketubah. “Then I did one for my sister-in-law and realized that I felt more fulfilled doing Judaic art than doing commercial pieces.” Julie began her solo career as a freelance artist in 1983 after the birth of her first child.

From there her business has grown. Working from her home studio, Julie meets with clients in person or by phone to create personalized pieces; from Ketubot – personalized illuminated marriage documents – to custom one-of-a-kind pieces celebrating other wonderful life cycle events, such as births, conversions, anniversaries and more.

Member - American Guild of Judaic Art
Member – American Guild of Judaic Art

Julie has also created many limited edition prints. These pieces represent her enjoyment of the symbolism and beauty offered within Jewish texts and prayer.

“I want to update the idea of Jewish art by using rich colors, organic elements and a contemporary interpretation as I develop each piece. I enjoy creating Judaic art because it connects people to our heritage in a way that is personal and beautiful at the same time.”

As her family has moved around the world, her business has expanded. Julie’s art is internationally recognized. She and her husband Steven are now living in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have three daughters.

Please contact Julie to inquire more about the works she has available, or what you could have designed personally for you.