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Commission an Original Piece

Commissioning Judaic art is an excellent way to purchase an original piece of inspired artwork that will enhance your Jewish home or make a wonderful gift. One can also commission Judaic art as a way to create a memorable presentation award or tribute.

sketchesI have had the opportunity to work with many clients designing original pieces to celebrate the birth of a child, mark a Bar or Bat Mitzvah; to commemorate a conversion; or to honor a special person or event. I have also been commissioned to create artwork inspired by a special verse, or for the sake of having a Judaic piece that is moving and beautiful for the home.

When commissioning a piece, we will meet either in person or by phone, to discuss what you are looking for and to share ideas. Through our conversations we will come up with creative elements for your art piece, such as quotes that are meaningful to you, colors or images that please you, significant items, even symbols and shapes. Together we will design a plan to achieve the piece you truly want.
Julie Staller Pentelnik - CommissionsAfter we have spoken, I will come up with a rough sketch or two for your approval. We will use these sketches to create the perfect piece for your purpose.

I also work with photographs that people have supplied – places that are significant, personal items of Judaica, family heirlooms – any can be incorporated into the design of your artwork to make it even more unique and individualized.

Once the rough sketch is approved, I sharpen it using colored pencils within a tight line drawing. From that image, the final art will begin. Each piece is created on acid free illustration board and painted with brilliantly colored, lightfast inks in a vibrant watercolor technique. I can also enhance your piece with gold illumination, using either metallic gold ink or 23K gold leaf. When completed, the art will be shipped or delivered to you with a mat, unless agreed to otherwise.

Julie Staller Pentelnik - Commissions tightI typically need about four to six months lead time for an original piece, depending on my schedule. This includes the time needed for the consultation and planning before the piece is begun as well as the actual design and completion of the art. The price for each piece is based on complexity of the work, any text involved, as well as if there is any gold illumination.

I look forward to working with you to create a piece that will be a treasure for you or for the person you are giving it to.

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Click on arrows above to see a piece in progress from sketch to completion