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Windows into Life Experiences

Windows into Life Experiences



This is an original Ketubah, painted in Bombay India Inks and metallic gold ink illumination.

The text, in Hebrew and English calligraphy, is featured in the center, within a Magen David.

Surrounding the text are windows into the life experiences of the bride and groom – from cities they have lived in and visited, to career paths they have taken along life’s journey, within the military, the circus and more.

Washington DC; Savannah, Georgia where the wedding took place; Baltimore, Maryland; Rome, Italy; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Wiesbaden, Germany; and also important symbols – Marine uniform, Circus silks, Shabbat, the world they live and love in, even their zodiac signs. This is a large Ketubah, about 30” square and is filled with images of their lives.

This piece is for display only.